Grand Sky Business and Aviation Park

Our team co-authored portions of the Joint Use Agreement and Letter of Agreement which allows commercial UAS to operate from an Air Force runway at Grand Forks Air Force Base. Grand Sky is the nation’s premier UAS airfield, and the strong working relationship that we maintain between our tenants and Air Force hosts allow for large UAS flying, training and testing opportunities that simply don’t exist in other places.

DoD small UAS Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) ban waiver.

In 2018, due to concerns over cybersecurity threats, the Department of Defense banned the flight of all small COTS UAS. This ban precludes the ability of civilian providers, as well as Government/Military employees to use small UAS at a DoD facility, and take advantage of the technology advancements in aerial inspections and surveying. Through our strategic partnership with a US-based manufacturer, we are the only commercial provider to have successfully obtained a waiver to this ban, and through our waiver we are able to help our government customers experience the benefits of rapidly advancing small UAS technology in a safe and effective way.

Corporate Acquisitions

Through diligent sourcing methods and personal networking, we’ve been successful in aligning our partners with corporate acquisition opportunities which will grow their future business while also protecting the acquired employees and building efficiency of effort. Through our efforts and guidance, we have created true win-win situations where both sides benefit from the transaction.

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